Regency Centerpin Switch Rod

Built with high frame guides and a switch grip for use with this Kingpin Regency, a small diameter 3.75″ centerpin reel.

Rod Blank: Batson 1087-4 10’6″ Switch 7wt
Butt Cap: Pac Bay BCS20B-CCND  Composite Cork
Rear Grip: Switch Rear Grip HESW325S-300 3.25″ Super Grade Cork
Reel Seat:Pac Bay Channel Lock Fly Reel Seat CL8R-G
Fore Grip: Switch Fore Grip SWFG115S-250 11.5″ Super Grade Cork
Stripping Guides: Pac Bay Minima Model M Ceramic CMSG16, CMSG12, CMSG10                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Running Guides: Pac Bay Model SV Ceramic CSVSG08, 6xCSVSG06
Tip Top: Pac Bay Model PT Ceramic CPST06-05.0

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