Offut Lake February 2015

With the weather as nice as it’s been I packed up my pontoon and headed an hour south back to Offut Lake in Tenino, Washington. I just recently purchased my first fly rod and reel and wanted to practice some casting, and perhaps get into one or two of the 900 Eells Springs Hatchery Cutthroat that were stocked in mid-January. While casting the flyrod I had another line in the water fishing from the bottom with bait for some of the rainbow trout that are put in the lake by both WDFW and the stocking program at Offut Lake Resort, who have their own pen at their dock. Thankfully my casting greatly improved over the course of the day as I recalled the large amounts of information gleamed from Youtube videos and got into a rhythm. Biggest challenge is being aware of where both my hands are at all times. I’m hoping that the difficulty added to the learning process by the fact that I was sitting down on the water all day will contribute to marked improvement once I get the chance to practice again while standing. I didn’t get any takes on the fly rod.  All I was doing was casting woolly buggers and letting them sink a bit before stripping them back in jerkily and I wasn’t expecting much this first time actually getting my fly line wet. I did however manage to get three rainbows in the net and missed one on an early hook set with my spinning rod/bottom fishing set-up. I have to say I’m pretty happy with the way that my trout fishing has developed since last spring when I really started going at it again. I’m seriously looking forward to moving beyond the bait and wait game and take my developing skills with fly fishing up into the alpine lakes this summer and eastside rivers this spring.

2 thoughts on “Offut Lake February 2015”

  1. Sounds like a fine day on the water. If you can cast a bugger, you’re already ahead of the game. That’ll make nymphs and dry flies fell like nothing. What was your first fly rod?


    1. Thanks Hoyt. My first rod is an Echo Carbon 9′ 5wt. My first reel is the Ross Gunnison G2. I’m pretty happy with both of them so far. I have a penchant for machined reels which is why i went with the Gunnison along with its history of durability. I like the Echo for its forgiving action, warranty, and them being a local company to me here in Seattle. Glad to hear that becoming adept at casting buggers will help once I switch to more river fishing and droppers/dry flies. I thought that dry flies would be more difficult but the more I get used to relying on line weight to get more distance the more I can see how lighter offerings will be less challenging compared to these big buggers I’ve been tying up and tossing.


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