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Upper Yakima: Teanaway Mouth to Thorp Dam

I rafted the Upper Yakima River from the mouth of the Teanaway River to the diversion dam at Thorp on Saturday. We casted red #1 Mepps spinners almost all day, with some occasional bronze ones thrown into the mix. The fishing was incredible, with the hits coming on nearly every cast over some stretches. We got a late start and were hustling to make the take-out for most of the day. Regardless we landed and released around a dozen small rainbows and I caught a cutthroat during a layover on shore while we snacked and rested. The large fish of the day was a 16″ rainbow that I hooked on the water and ran multiple times under my pontoon and back up the river.

Upper Yakima River

Photographs from two floats down the Yakima River in July of 2012 and 2013.  2012’s trip saw thunder and lightning in the mix while the most recent trip last weekend was perfect weather and great fishing.  I caught 6-7 Westslope Cutthroat trout on a red bladed Mepps spinner with a brass body and back.  I casted mainly from shore, although took to nearly free drifting the spinner behind me which also produced bites.  I lost the big fish of the day at the side of my kayak which was a nice Rainbow trout in the 20-22″ range. They were all great fighters and I managed to use the same rig all day without ever having  to tie a knot.

Thundering Down The Yakima River

On Saturday I floated down the Yakima River with a friend and his brother.  Katlin and I headed to Cle Elum early on Saturday morning to meet up, and to stock up on snacks and drinks.  The float took close to four hours and we saw both sun and thunderstorms, and always mosquitoes.  The temperature was perfect the whole time.  I floated in a an inflatable kayak and I wouldn’t want to have done it in do it injust an inner tube.  The Yakima has world class rainbow trout fishing and I brought my rod and reel and managed to catch a little guy on my second cast of the day.  See more photos from the day here or by clicking on one of the shots below.