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Savary Island Orca Encounter

A neighbor up at Bliss Landing recorded this encounter they had with an Orca one morning and I can’t even imagine what the whale is trying to communicate with this seemingly threatening behavior. I would have very likely required a change of pants. The two men in the boat were on their way to set some crab pots off of Savary Island. This is a crabbing location I am very familiar with and just finished pulling my own pots out of there less than two weeks ago.

1980’s Lopez Island

Lopez Crabbing
My Uncle Kevin, myself, Dad in full deck gear, and my brother probably in the summer of 1986 or 87

I spent the summers of my youth in the late 80’s/early 90’s on Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands. My family had a home at the mouth of Fisherman’s Bay and my brother and I had a long leash, with my parents allowing us to essentially bike and hike the extent of the island at our leisure, as long as we were home by dinner. We fished crab, ling cod, and salmon with minimal achievement in those times. I asked my Dad if he thought that the reason we were so sporadic in our salmon fishing in those days was because of our technique or the because of the bad fishing…and we agreed it was likely both. Crab we never seemed to have problems with.